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Our First Rodeo - Beerfarm

Our First Rodeo

Our First Rodeo

Beerfarm Good Times from Beerfarm on Vimeo.

On April 16th 2017 – Over 3000 people showed up to soak up the good times thrown down as part of the Inaugural Beerfarm Rodeo.

With a lineup of Rodeo Events (see below) followed by live music lasting long into the night all mixed with the finest BEERFARM brews, the event was a resonating success.

Cheers to DOUBLE BARREL ENTERTAINMENT, ‘The new kid on the block so far as rodeo production goes here in the “west” (WA).

The above is the brainchild of Mark Kestel and old friend Weston Withers. Played together, rodeoed together, both partners have extensive rodeo experience here in the west going back years from comedy clowns to riding the rough ones, joining together now in rodeo production.

With time comes maturity and both with their love of the sport of rodeo being afore most, DOUBLE BARREL ENTERTAINMENT is born, to produce first class rodeo entertainment.

After the Easter 2017 weekend I can say they both have succeeded greatly for a first attempt. We will see more of DOUBLE BARREL ENTERTAINMENT!

This inaugural event at the THE BEERFARM, a production brewery located in METRICUP south west WA, was put together with DOUBLE BARREL ENTERTAINMENT to produce a rodeo slap bang in the Margaret River region. Until now, it has been known for some of the worlds finest wines. Now though, the area has also become known for some quality beers, particularly the produce from THE BEERFARM!

Informed by a congenial barman, I was amazed to learn, at any one given time, ten to twelve different types of preservative free beer are brewed on site at Metricup. Naturally I had a responsibility to sample a few different brews (just to keep my hand in while at the rodeo you would understand,) and they all came out with 100% score! The team from THE BEERFARM wished to run the best rodeo in the West and so this is where they and DOUBLE BARREL came together. With a little bit of charm and a lot of successful thinking, it all came together on Easter Sunday 2017.

The BEERFARM put a whole lot into the show and must be congratulated for a very fine effort on their initial introduction to rodeo. Easter rodeo and other sport events sure do have benefits due to the right location and the BEERFARM has the right location for suitable festive times as is proved this Easter. With all new grounds for the arena, success will breed success for future South West rodeos at the BEERFARM in Metricup WA. The management has shown great enthusiasm and deserve the success from brewing to rodeo. All I spoke to on the day enjoyed the fast action and were looking for more at the end. That’s the way, ”to leave em hungry”!

Weekend comradery between competitors and management seemed fantastic, with the occasional ball game happening among the early arrivals. A top job done by all, seems like Metricup is one happy family bringing all unto the fold. I’m told the after rodeo shindig continued late into the night and I’m sorry I missed it. Next year perhaps, or maybe before!

Competitors were mainly locals (WA) with a sprinkle of competitors as far away as N Z- NT- and NSW.

I’m particularly pleased to see indigenous competitors grace the Metricup grounds,  Particularly  as local Elder and personality, BILL WEBB, from the local  ‘’WODANDI  PEOPLE’’  opened the show with a welcome from his people. WODANDI Country said to be from the Coastal City of Mandurah north.  To Nannup south. East area. Bill spoke of past people, among other things, and his message of getting along side by side. His words, seemed to me, as a blessing from our indigenous people, while leaving an education for most of us of the past, as he vacated the arena. Well done Bill, the message, greatly received!

The event was a sell out, with three thousand tickets sold via internet before rodeo day, somewhat unusual for a Rodeo, there were no additional tickets available on the door due to the sell out.

Always handy to know one can camp at locations such as this, BEERFARM’S camp grounds were full, the night before the event.

With a new arena, I would have to say, the stock won the day, over all. With more use, the arena will only get better, so with more new stock in the pipeline, stock will undoubtedly have an advantage. The rumour is the event and camping will be a  two day event next year, A Rodeo I’m sure, not to miss!

I look forward to seeing you there.


Beerfarm Rodeo from Beerfarm on Vimeo.

Saddle Bronc

Rhys Morrissey took the honour here with a stylish ride on a re ride horse. I first saw Rhys compete at BODDINGTON last year and now at Metricup, it shows how a trip to the Eastern sea board obtaining the required competition can furnish out style. Rhys will only go from strength to strength.

Bare Back

Great to see Luke Metcalf take this event. Luke has always been right about the winning circle.

Steer wrestling

How time flies!  Wasn’t long ago when Phil Jefferies was the new kid in the arena, now he’s one of the leaders in the field.  With much encouragement from the side lines Phil thrilled the crowd in a tough battle but overcame adversity to be the winner.

The Ruff brothers, new to rodeo and both very young, have shown talent very quickly. Dylan, the oldest turns 18 this month, Dylan showed what practice can do and went out and won the rope and tie event while brother Joel took the novice bull ride in style, Joel also won the 14- 18yrs steer ride. Both Mom and Dad have travelled to rodeos, Mom like all Moms under some duress. I noticed Dad held the top rail pretty hard myself!

Team Roping

Justin Edwards and Martin Dawe, most consistent, they took the higher end of the prize money here with Justin’s Dad’s hat pulled down a bit (Don’t worry old fella, I’m sure it was the jet lag from your recent trip to the good old U S of A was to blame).

Amanda Oversby came through to win the Steer undecorating, with a very fancy exhibition from Wendy Harris, winning the ladies Barrel race in fare time on a short course. Chloe Daws, with a fast steer, showed the other girls how to do it in the Breakaway Rope event for the ladies while Tenika Mc Carthy, carrying famous rodeo name, took out novice barrel race. More to come from this young lady I’m sure.

14 – 18    Barrels went to a very keen Aneeka Ronchi-Cousins

Hope I’ve not missed anyone

See you all next rodeo folks.


Photos courtesy of Georgia Johnson and Cimeron Duff

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