The Farm

We are built on 80 acres of rolling green farmlands in Australia’s great South West. Once an old dairy farm that is still a working farm today, we called ourselves Beerfarm after our passion for beer and land. Just like our beer, food and our people, our farm is as real as it gets with 100% of our beers born here on our home-turf and cold-freighted to watering holes around Australia. 

When available, we source our beef from our very own herd of Black Angus cattle and get our produce fresh from the neighbouring farms and reputable Aussie producers. We believe our cattle to be happy animals who love grazing, socialising and tucking into the warm spent grain leftover from the brewing process.

With sustainable practices and minimising our impact at front of our values, we will continue to celebrate our simple philosophy of ‘Established for the Future’ through Burnt Ends at Beerfarm.

Opening hours

The Beerfarm is currently closed due to COVID 19 restrictions. We are however running a Drive Thru so that you can get your favourite brews and your BBQ fix. Open hours for the Burnt Ends at Beerfarm Drive Thru are:

FRIDAY - 3pm - 7pm
SATURDAY - 11am - 2pm
SUNDAY - 11am - 2pm

Drive Thru

During the closure of our venue due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are running a BEER & BBQ Drive Thru.

Find out all about it here.