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Beerfarm and Fervor Unveil 9th Edition of Native Series, Showcasing Boab Nut Brown Ale and the Unique Ingredients at Bindam Mie. - Beerfarm

Beerfarm and Fervor Unveil 9th Edition of Native Series, Showcasing Boab Nut Brown Ale and the Unique Ingredients at Bindam Mie.

Beerfarm and Fervor would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past, present and emerging, on which we live, work and gather.

Beerfarm and Fervor have joined forces once again for the 9th edition of the Native Series. This time, they have partnered with Nyul Nyul custodian Robert Dann and his company Bindam Mie to procure the ingredients for the Boab Nut Brown Ale.

The Native Series, a collaboration between Beerfarm and Paul 'Yoda' Iskov of Fervor, embodies a continuous journey of passion, education, community, and the rich history of Australia. Through Yoda's association with Robert Dann and Bindam Mie, we have discovered the Boab fruit, leading to the creation of our ninth beer in the series. Without the invaluable knowledge and contributions of Robert Dann and his team, this latest instalment would not have been possible.

Bindam Mie was established to celebrate the exceptional qualities of this unique ingredient and the wild-harvested native plants from the Kimberley Region. Today, Bindam Mie produces various food products utilising this distinctive ingredient. The inspiration for Bindam Mie originated from Robert Dann's Kimberley Cultural Adventures tour company.

 ”I was giving my guests a taste of the boab iced tea on my tours. Often they would ask where they could buy the boab powder that I used to make the tea. That got me thinking about creating my own products."

Robert employs young Indigenous individuals at a commercial kitchen in Broome to process and package the nuts, striving to support the younger indigenous community by creating employment opportunities.

“With the knowledge I am teaching younger ones, it empowers them to take it further as well. It’s creating economic development for the whole of the Kimberleys. It’s caring for country.”


The Kimberley region boasts over 3000 boab trees that have served as a source of shelter, food, and medicine for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. During the boab nut season, which spans from March to October, local indigenous families sustainably harvest the wild Boab fruit.


A nutritional analysis of the Boab nut reveals numerous health benefits, as it contains vitamin B6, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, energy, protein, and dietary fibre. With its slightly tangy, lemon flavour, the Bindam Mie Boab range showcases its distinctive taste, making it a versatile and exceptional ingredient.


Native Series no.9 puts a spin on a classic Brown Ale, using rich toasty malts and a light sprinkling of Aussie hop, Eclipse, to compliment the Boab fruit’s slightly tangy, nutty flavour. This brew is earthy and caramelly, with a little citrus punch.


Robbie's favourite painting was used for our can label this year. The artwork skillfully portrays the harshness of the country through a mesmerising array of colours. The central focus of the artwork is an emotive depiction of "home”, symbolising the heart of community and family.


The essence behind the Native Series lies in educating and promoting the sustainable utilisation of native Australian ingredients, taking you on a journey through our country and its flavours. Each Native Series beer holds its own significance, narrating the story of the ingredients and flavours cherished by the traditional custodians of our land. Our objective is to give back to the land and the community by donating proceeds from each release to support local initiatives, groups, and projects we collaborate with.


Working with both the land and environment to cultivate good times and beers for every occasion, Beerfarm is a brewery and national beer brand located in Metricup, Western Australia. The brewery resides on 160 acres of rolling green farmlands on what once was an old dairy farm, with their own herd of Black Angus cattle.


With a united belief in doing things a little differently, Beerfarm welcomes those from all walks of life and different corners of the world; some from beer, some from good times and some simply from their parents. With the brewery as the brains and the venue as the heart, Beerfarm is established for the people, the land, the environment and for the future. 

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