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Beerfarm Welcomes Head Chef Hayden Vink - Beerfarm

Beerfarm Welcomes Head Chef Hayden Vink

Beerfarm is excited to announce a valuable new addition to our team!

Hailing from the very heart of Western Australia, Hayden brings a diverse culinary background, a penchant for smoked dishes and a passion from all around the world.

Smoked Delights
At Beerfarm, we've always been known for our love of smoked meats and Hayden shares that enthusiasm. While cooking over wood, fire and smoke is a major drawcard to our venue for him, Hayden intends to explore other culinary avenues, blending Mexican and Asian flavours seamlessly into his creations and weekly specials.

Culinary Inspirations

Hayden's culinary journey has been nothing short of an adventure, taking him from the stunning landscapes of Western Australia to the picturesque countryside of France. His apprenticeship in the realm of high-end cuisine, combined with his experience with intimate degustations in France, has honed his culinary edge. Plus his experience working with wood grills in Portugal has left him eager to create memorable specials over the weekends in Beerfarms brand new kitchen.

Mexican and Asian Inspirations

Although Hayden's culinary influences span even further around the world. His palate gravitates toward Japanese and South East Asian cuisines for their delicate balance of flavours. But he's equally drawn to South American cuisines, which offer big, bold flavours that are hot, sour, crispy, and spicy, all in one mouthful.

Celebrating Local Produce
Key for Hayden is to celebrate the Southwest by ensuring local produce and ingredients are showcased. Hayden said: “For me, the plan is clear: maintain the quality of food using local produce that we all know and love, build on it with tantalising specials, and redesign the seasonal menu to keep things fresh and exciting for our patrons.”

The arrival of Hayden and the new purpose-built kitchen at Beerfarm comes at a time where domestic, national and international tourism to the Margaret River is returning and bringing more opportunities for the local community. Beerfarm sees Hayden’s arrival and its new kitchen as an opportunity to bring the blend international and local food and beverage.

Staying True to Favourites

While Chef Vink is excited to bring new flavours and ideas to the table, he also recognises the importance of maintaining Beerfarm's beloved dishes. Rest assured, favourites like the Lamb Ribs and Octopus will stay, as he believes in offering dishes that are both unique and comforting.

The Future of Beerfarms Menu
As Chef Hayden Vink takes the reins in the Beerfarm kitchen, his plan is clear: maintain the good menu that we all know and love, build on it with weekly specials and redesign the seasonal menu to keep things fresh and exciting.

For those who have missed our Friday Night specials, they'll be making a triumphant return as soon as possible!


Book a table and taste the new flavours down at the farm!

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