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Behind the Mural: Kentaro Yoshida’s Unique Style - Beerfarm

Behind the Mural: Kentaro Yoshida’s Unique Style

You may feel like our new mural looks familiar, like you have seen this style somewhere before? Well, you probably have! Kentaro Yoshida has collaborated with some major labels like Apple, VANS and even Blink-182, so we were stoked he popped into Beerfarm this month to say g’day, have a beer and leave us with one of his amazing pieces of artwork.

Kentaro Yoshida visited Western Australia for the first time this year since he moved to Sydney from Japan a decade ago. His stop in at Beerfarm came off the back of a visit to his Otis Eyewear family and he left a mark on our north facing wall that spoke to his perception of Western Australia’s surf culture and nature.

Kentaro’s art style is truly a testament to his passion for both traditional and digital mediums. Infused with pastel tones, his artwork boasts bold line-work, quirky characters, and a delightful beach-side humour that reflects his admiration for coastal living. Based on the sunny northern shores of Sydney, Kentaro finds his canvas from hand painted murals across national landscapes to fragile work on intricate watercolour paper.

His portfolio is more than impressive, studded with household names and global brands, these collaborations have marked his creative touch with Converse, Bonds, Kayo Sports, the Art Gallery of NSW and so much more. His first Exhibition in 2016 ‘Solo’ was the beginning of a run of solo and group exhibitions around Australia every year since, each one booming with success.

We asked Kentaro Yoshida a little bit more about his trip to Western Australia and the origin of his creative inspiration.

What was it about the South West that inspired the mural at Beerfarm?

Certainly the wild nature was the motif I wanted to draw. I also thought that surf is gnarly so I wanted to contain those types of waves in the artwork. 

What is your favourite type of canvas?

Honestly I can’t choose either digital or physical but whatever idea comes to my mind and i would like to execute and see it as first person! 

Beerfarm wall was actually a tough one due to the direct sun, but I really enjoyed painting at the venue!

Everyone was so nice!


What inspired your signature style?


It was originally Japanese comic/manga which I have loved since childhood. But now it is mingling with my experience in Australia so its kinda mess and chaos haha I hope you get and like it!

Pop down to Beerfarm and admire our venue’s new addition with an ice cold beer and an incredible view.


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