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We made a RIPA of a beer with Copper & Oak - Beerfarm

We made a RIPA of a beer with Copper & Oak

Copper & Oak are a Perth-based family owned and run bottle shop, with one of the most extensive offerings of beer, wine and spirits we've had the pleasure of stumbling across. And we've stumbled across more than a few brews in our time!

With 30 years in business, these guys know whats up when it comes to booze,  with over 1500 unique beers, 600 whiskies, 200 gins and a range of South African wines to satisfy both classic and contemporary tastebuds alike.

Self-proclaimed 'aficionados of good value liquor of tried and true, new and emerging' and hitting the nail right on the head, we brewed up a beer that's just as diverse as the ranges they carry.

Our West Coast Red IPA packs all the bold character of old school hops with a modern twist, that's a pearler on the eye as well as the palate...

Who are Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants, and what do you do? Tell us more.

Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants is a family owned, independent, specialist liquor retailer located in Tuart Hill, Western Australia. With over 30 years’ experience, both here and in South Africa, we celebrate the classics, and champion the emerging, with one of Perth’s most extensive liquor offerings.

How was Copper & Oak first born, and how was the business changed or evolved over time?

The son of Portuguese immigrants, Jose (Pestana) opened his first liquor store at just 20 years old in South Africa, and eventually owned four shops before moving to Perth in 2003. It didn’t take long before he purchased what was then Tuart Hill Liquor, and was joined by this younger brother Nelio in 2004 – the Pestana’s older brother Raf still runs bottle shops in South Africa. Fast forward to 2013, Tuart Hill Liquor became Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants, a refresh which better reflected the expanding range.

Tell us a bit about the range stocked at Copper & Oak. What kinds of products can one find on your shelves?

Over nearly twenty years, our range has grown and diversified, but with one aim of connecting customers with quality products. Obviously, there’s a lot of change each week, but we carry around 1500 unique beers, 600 whiskies, over 200 gins and a range of South African wine, just to highlight some of the unique range. There’s Beerfarm beers too! We’re passionate about the tired and true, as well as the emerging, so there’s always something to enjoy!

You've just brewed a very special collab beer with the Beerfam brewers. Tell us a little bit about what this beer is all about and how the concept came to life...

Jose loves West Coast IPAs, and we thought we’d put a different spin on the style to suit this time of year – it’s still cool, and with a mix of rain and moderate days. Plus, the Beerfarm haven’t done too many Reds, so it’s awesome to something new with the brewers – a massive thanks goes to Tommy and Kalle! So, it’s not an English-based Red ale, nor a sticky Red IPA. Instead, our collab is a West Coast Red IPA, with a really sociable abv for style.

What will this Red IPA taste like, and how was it a good representation of Copper & Oak / the people behind the brand?

Our West Coast Red IPA collab is exactly what Copper & Oak Liquor Merchants does every day – it celebrates the classics and the contemporary in a new way, and does so by connecting the amazing people in both of our businesses with our wonderful customers.

Tell us a bit about the hops used in this beer, Talus and Zappa. What kinds of aromas and flavours will they impart in the beer?

Talus and Zappa deliver a modern hop experience by bringing some of the bold character of old school hops, but with a really modern twist. And, they have great presence, especially here, at fairly moderate abv for style. Talus has the grapefruit and pine of classic hops like Cascade, but it shows as juicy pink grapefruit dusted with crushed pine needles, and then there’s the rose character as surprise. Likewise, Zappa has the dankness of Centennial, but it’s a fresh, round tropical dankness that adds interest without sacrificing drinkability. It should be mentioned that all of this harmonises with the Red X and Pale Rye malts, which offer a
delicious, and slightly spicy, caramel base beer that looks stunning in the glass.

How will you be enjoying RIPA, and what kind of food will you be washing it down with?

There’re so many options! Obviously West Coast Red IPA is probably best enjoyed with mates and Burnt Ends’ juicy, slow cooked meat at the Beerfarm. But, for those playing at home, the rye spice, firm bitterness and dry length would match well with spicy Buffalo wings by equally amplifying the heat, which the creamy blue cheese sauce would then balance.

Or, for something more substantial, try a Moroccan-style tagine with its bold mix of charred, slow cooked lamb, ras el hanout spice mix, olives, dried fruit, dates, honey, preserved lemon and yoghurt. Yum! Sweet tooths could pair with a shortbread biscuit base caramel slice is going to match the malt profile while balancing the hoppy bitterness with sweetness.

Describe the West Coast Red IPA to a novice beer drinker.

It’s the lead guitar and rhythm section at once! There’s plenty of personality, but it ultimately just wants to hang out with its mates and have a good time.

What's your favourite drink of all time (beer wine or spirit) that you stock at Copper & Oak? 

Jose: Whatever is the freshest West Coast IPA - the more piney and resinous the better! For red wines I enjoy bold characters, but these don’t have to be a monster. It’s the same for whisky, as there has to be balance even if it’s cask strength.

Nelio: Weinstephanner Vitus is my all-time favourite beer, but Founders Centennial also sticks in my mind. I also love Glenmorangie Signet Whiskey and Boekenhoutskloof Syrah.

West Coast Red IPA is now available at Copper & Oak and select Beerfarm stockists around WA, but not for much longer! Check out their website or chuck 'em a follow on Instagram

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