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Barrel Aged Shirazzaweiss '20

Our much loved Shirazzaweiss. Barrel aged for 12 months

After multiple annual releases of our much loved Shirazzaweiss, we finally get to bring out another rendition of the grape sour. With some of 2020's batch locked away in barrels for 12 months we had the opportunity to blend 2021 with the barrel-aged version of Shirazzaweiss to balance. Aged in French oak barrels previously hosting local Chardonnay, the aged blend picked up creamy vanilla oak qualities on the nose with a small amount of funk. Complimenting the barrelesque characters on the palate you can expect a nice acidic grip with red fruit and earthy flavours. This beer definitely packs a heap of complexity and is so good, we have sent a heap of this year's vintage into the same barrels for a 12 months hiatus so you can wrap your laughing gear around it next year too.


ABV: 6%
Malt – Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Cara-Pils, Rolled Barley
Hops – Magnum, Melba
Adjuncts - Shiraz Grapes, Barrel Aged Shirazzaweiss (2020)

Hop bitterness – Low (10 IBU)
Hop aroma – Low (1g/L)
Colour – Red 
Drinkability – Moderate

Flavour Profile for Barrel Aged Shirazzaweiss '20

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