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What is the Native Series

What is the Native Series

Beerfarm and Fervor would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of this land, of elders past, present and emerging, on which our events take place.



When two minds come together

The relationship between Beerfarm and Fervor is an understanding that has been nurtured over time between passionate minds. The Native Series was born with a view to paying homage to this land, it’s people and the knowledge (kaartdijin) that has been passed down by creating a series of unique brews with a truly Australian flavour.

Josh Thomas (The Beerfarmer) and the man behind the team at Fervor, Paul Iskov (aka Yoda) share values that align more than most. Both born in WA and bred with a passion for locally sourced produce, the duo is lucky enough to constantly experience and experiment with the beauty of this land through taste.

The Purpose

Australia's native vegetation is one of the richest and most fundamental elements of our natural heritage. Native vegetation binds and nourishes our ancient soils; shelters and sustains wildlife; protects streams, wetlands, estuaries, and coastlines; absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen.

Depletion and destruction of native vegetation is a primary driver of land degradation, salinity and declining water quality, and is the biggest cause of biodiversity loss. While broad scale land clearing for agriculture and urban development is a critical threat, the loss caused by clearing is compounded by the degradation of remnant bush through unsustainable grazing pressure, insect attack, disease, weeds, rising water tables, salinity, inappropriate fire management, unsustainable firewood gathering and neglect. (

The Australian department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment have established a Native Vegetation Framework in 2012 with the aim of maintaining or building healthier and more connected native vegetation. Their goals are listed below:

Goal 1. Increase the national extent and connectivity of native vegetation
Goal 2. Maintain and improve the condition and function of native vegetation
Goal 3. Maximise the native vegetation benefits of ecosystem service markets
Goal 4. Build capacity to understand, value and manage native vegetation
Goal 5. Advance the engagement and inclusion of Indigenous peoples in management of native vegetation

The ideology behind the Native Series is to educate and promote the sustainable use of native ingredients and take you on a journey through our country and its flavours. By providing some support in the education of the distribution and recognition of native vegetation and its uses as ingredients in the food and beverage industry, we aim to increase connectivity to land and generate spread some understanding and recognition of the cultural significance of these plants to the indigenous peoples of Australia. 


Native Series #7

Native Series #8

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