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Est. For The Future

Our Values

Our values were created by our people and our team, who have helped the farm evolve and grow over time. We are likeminds from different corners of the world, coming together to create good times that go hand-in-hand with good deeds. We are a real company with real people, built on real values.

Our eye is always on an ethical and sustainable future. We do the right thing; actions speak louder than words.

Everyone is respected, included and has a sense of ownership, Teamwork and hard graft is in our genetics!

Innovation and creativity is in our DNA. We are driven by the journey and take pride in the execution, we don't settle for ok.

We are passionate and humble people. Honesty and integrity is at the heart of everything we do.


Our Initiatives

We work hard day in and day out to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our impact on the land, and the environment. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be sustainable and accountable in everything that we do.

Native Series

Each year, we work alongside Fervor to educate Australians about the sustainable use of native Australian ingredients as well as the flavours and stories that go with them. With each beer release, we’ve worked to highlight the cultural significance of native species to Australia’s First Nations Peoples, partnering with First Nations organisations and enterprises such as Roelands Village and Badgebup Aboriginal Corporation, while supporting Indigenous communities along the way.

Save The Harvest

In 2018, we began our ongoing crusade to save excess fruit from perishing while supporting Aussie farmers, sourcing produce from companies who had been impacted by contamination, packaging schedule changes and lack of foreign export. When the Strawberry Needle Crisis hit, we rescued 1.5 tonnes of strawberries and turned it into our Strawberry Sour.

We’ve also been working to save imperfect looking produce that doesn’t fit supermarket standards, using coloured (over ripe) pineapple from far north Queensland for our Pineapple Sour and turning agricultural food waste into beer wherever we can.

Farm To Plate Philosophy

Our herd of around 70 Black Angus Cattle spend their days grazing and tucking into the spent grain leftover from the brew, which is packed with nutrients. We know what they’re fed, where they roam, and have a very clear insight into a supply chain that has minimal impact on the animal.

Once at weight, our cattle are sent to the abattoir and then to Bullsbrook Gourmet Butchers, where the meat is aged. The larger cuts are sent to the farm and utilised across our menus, with any trim and secondary cuts used by our butcher for small goods.

Burnt Ends at Beerfarm Our Pit-Master and Executive Chef Nathan and Eileen Booth specialise in cooking traditional BBQ, low and slow and food over fire, showcasing a range of cooking techniques across the farms menus. Originally Burnt Ends Smoking Co, in 2019 they became a permanent part of Beerfarm’s kitchen and Burnt Ends at Beerfarm was born.

Minimising Our Water Consumption

We’re proud to say we’ve reduced our water consumption to 3.8L of water per litre of beer, which sits well below the industry average of 4.7L. Our wastewater is irrigated to land to support pasture growth, which is grazed on by our herd of around 70 Black Angus cattle.

Solar Powered

Our venue is powered by 120 solar panels, producing most of the wattage during any given production/venue day (equating to 45kw of electricity) with plans to become fully off grid in the future.


We compost all of our hop and protein sediment, which we use for our onsite veggie gardens. Silo Bill We recently installed a silo bill for grain storage, dramatically reducing the single use malt bags used in production by 90%.

Plastic Reduction

Our mission to reduce our reliance on petroleum-chemicals and single use plastics at every step of our processes is ongoing, from removing 4-pack clips, replacing standard pallet wrap with biodegradable wraps, using non-traditional biodegradable paper based advertising materials and using recycled wetsuits for our stubby holders.

Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials

The timbers used in our paper/cardboard stock in packaging and some marketing promotional material is FSC verified and we use water based inks used on all of our merchandise.


We’ve implemented the Container Deposit Scheme through Containers For Change to ensure all of our used cans are recovered, recycled and repurposed. We were also one of the first breweries in Australia to implement APCO, to improve kerbside recycling in Australia and reduce our overall environmental impact from using packing. 

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