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Beerfarm Pump Up the Jam

Raspberry, Blackberry and Pink Peppercorn

Pump Up The Jam

Raspberry, Blackberry and Pink Peppercorn

Alcoholic Sour


We’re really pumpin’ up the jam with this fruity sour packed full of juicy raspberries and blackberries. Pumped up a little more with a glittering of pink peppercorns, this crushable berry sour will get your taste buds stompin’.

To get the party going on the dance floor, we soured this beast with Philly yeast and co-fermented with our favourite hazy strain. A fruity ester profile supports big berry and light pepper spice, cause that’s where the party's at, and a touch of El Dorado and Callista hops gives light strawberry and pear to really get that jam pumpin’ and the crowd jumpin’.

And when the beat is thumpin’
Pump up the Jam!

Style-  Fruited Sour
ABV- 4.2%
Malts- Pale Malt, Malted Wheat, Carapils
Hops- El Dorado, Callista
Adjuncts- Raspberry, Blackberry, Pink Peppercorn

Hop Bitterness-  6 IBU
Hop Aroma-  0.5 g/L
Colour-  Red! 
Drinkability: Get's your booty on the floor!

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