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Beerfarm Growler - 64oz Black Double Walled

Our Stainless steel, double-insulated two litre growlers

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Our Stainless steel, two litre growlers are double insulated and perfect for sharing your favourite beers with friends or keeping for your own selfish pleasure. Reusable and refillable at all good Beerfarm's which also makes them good for the environment, winning! They even store perfectly in the back of your car for re-use. 

Beer is best consumed fresh. Once opened we recommend consuming the contents within approximately 2-3 days. Best enjoyed with friends and pairs well with all manners of good times. 

Remember, always clean your growler!

Copy on Growler reads:

If you’ve come this far, odds are you don’t mind a beer - and let’s just say you’re in good company. Our beer is brewed locally from quality ingredients, passion, and no added bullshit. This insulated growler is suitable for all kinds of cold beverages. When empty, please rinse it out and bring it back to be refilled with your favourite Beerfarm brew. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.


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