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We spill the beans on our new Big Hazy Cryo Pop Double IPA... - Beerfarm

We spill the beans on our new Big Hazy Cryo Pop Double IPA...

After another lap around the sun we’re bringing you yet another Big Hazy, with this year's brew packed full of Yakima Chief's supercharged Cryo Pop blend. From taste to smell, Cryo Pop combines all the best qualities we love in a beer, while adding a true "pop" of aromas.

Created using scientific technology, Cryo Pop enhances the flavours of other hop combinations while providing a sensory explosion of juicy tropical and citrus flavours. With all this in mind, it only made sense we harnessed the power of these pellets for this year's Big Hazy Double IPA.

We sat down with our Beerfarmer Josh Thomas to suss out all there is to know about this year's Big Hazy and what to expect from the Cryo Pop kick!


How is this year's big hazy different from the last?

It's still big and it's still hazy, but with this year's brew we changed up the hops using Citra, Idaho 7 and Yakima Chief's new product the Cryo Pop Blend. We also included some Canadian Malted Oats from Cryer Malt to balance out the dank cryogenic hops!

How was the relationship between Beerfarm and Yakima Chief first born?

With the love of beer! We started using YCH hops since our first brews back in 2015. As beer lovers grew hearts for our Beerfarm staples we've been using hops from the Pacific Northwest ever since. It's fair to say we both see eye to eye when it comes to quality. 

Tell us a bit about Yakima Chief’s supercharged Cryo Pop Blend. Why is it so innovative in brewing?

Cryogenic hops have only been in the market for a small period of time. The technology is still in its early days but what YCH has been able to develop over the past few years has been nothing short of amazing! With most Cryo hops being produced from previous years crops, the Cryo Pop Blend uses the creamiest of all crops from the most current harvest year, meaning it's bursting at the seams with flavour and aroma.

What are some of the noteworthy characters/ aromas Cryo Pop delivers in beer?

Anything and everything to do with tropical fruits, from mango, papaya and berries to grapefruit, peach and coconut. It's boosting an array of fruits that aren't too short of a fruit salad!

Tell us about the Canadian Malted Oats from Cryer Malt. How does this contribute to the overall beer flavour and body?

We like to use oats in beers, especially the hazy's. We got to try out the Canadian Malted Oats for the first time with this one, ensuring the dank intensity of the Cryo Pop was balanced with a light but steady malt profile.

How does a Hazy Double IPA differentiate from your standard India Pale Ale?

Our India Pale Ale definitely leans on the more traditional, old school IPA style with a nice balance between malts and hops, and as clean as the eye can see. The double on the other hand, well that's right in line with all the juicy, hazy beers we see in the market today. Slightly lower in bitterness, a bit dryer and juicy as!

How would you describe this beer to someone who’s never tried a hazy IPA variety before?

Definitely cleanse your palate with some cooking lager (Swanny D) and dip your toe in the water before jumping in for a swim (follow it up with a pale ale). It's always good to warm up to the juicy hazy's if you've never got stuck into 'em before.

What was the funnest part about brewing this beer?

The aroma throughout all stages of the process is truly amazing. It however does not help the patience whilst waiting for it to be drinking ready, so I guess the funnest part would have to be consuming it!

What is another national/ international brewery who has done a Cryo Pop beer really well?

I'm itching to get my hands on some! I think we haven't had it circulating around long enough to see too many of these in the market, but I'm really looking forward to tasting what Deeds Brewing (VIC) have brewed with it!

How is this beer best enjoyed / how will you be enjoying Big Hazy?

Sparingly! Definitely a night cap option for me, a bit too dangerously drinkable to smash back all day...but each to their own!  

Big Hazy will be launching this Friday, August 20th at Mane Liquor in Perth and at all good bottle shops around WA, NSW and VIC from Monday, August 23rd. Head to our bottle shop locator to track down ya local.

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