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Over The Fence with Locally Sauced - Beerfarm

Over The Fence with Locally Sauced

If there's one positive we can take away from 2020, it's the strong show of support we saw for local businesses off the back of a global pandemic. COVID-19 and the restrictions that accompanied the virus forced many businesses to either throw in the towel or adapt to the pandemic, from restaurants to shops and every business in between.

It's fair to say #keepinglocalalive became a movement throughout 2020, but for Locally Sauced, supporting local is their bread and butter. Locally Sauced is made up of three friends from Scarborough, all born with a distinct palate for drinking, reviewing and learning everything there is to know about their "local sauce".

We sat down Jacob, Scott and Lex to chat about their love for local booze and how they've managed to turn their guilty pleasure into a brand that's a little more left-field than most.

Tell us a bit about Locally Sauced. What is it and who are the people behind it?

Locally Sauced is platform created to review, inform and celebrate alcohol produced locally here in WA. We are three friends with a passion for trying new craft beers, wines & spirits and we'd like to share our opinion on the wide variety that our great state has to offer.

How did you guys first become so passionate about beer, and when did you realise you wanted to turn that passion into something more than just drinking beer?

Each of us began to become more aware of craft beer whilst working in the hospitality industry. Jacob and Lex became especially interested during their time at Clancy's Fish Pub, where there has always been a great selection of local beers.

Although we also aim to share information about wine and spirits, drinking and dissecting different craft beer felt like the natural way to launch our platform. We've found that tasting alongside one another and taking the time to consider a beer has accelerated our understanding of different styles

What kind of content do you create with Locally Sauced?

On our channel, we simply showcase products from WA owned breweries, wineries & distilleries The enormity of the industry means you'll find a range of videos on our pages, such as outings to beer festivals, tasting sessions with knowledgeable beer & wine folk, our very own 'Saucy Sessions', and a slice of our personal lives.. We love wining and dining with friends!

What do you all do outside of Locally Sauced, and how do you think your full-time gigs might contribute to your roles in this side hustle?

Jacob is a freelance videographer, Lex is a manager at a Yacht club, and Scott works in events. We think the entertainment aspect of our channel is really important in creating the community we'd like to have supporting us. Jacob's skills are helping us grow a following that we can start bringing together at our very own pop up events. Heading in the events direction means that both Scott & Lex's knowledge of the hospitality industry will be really useful.

What are some of your favourite breweries, both locally and from afar?

Jacob had the pleasure of visiting one of La Trappe's countryside locations in the Netherlands. He also loved the setup at Grifter and Young Henry's in NSW.

Locally, he's always been a fan of Little Creatures and Feral. Little Creatures has also been a beloved drinking spot for Scott, whilst Lex has a soft spot for Nail Brewing, Dainton & Brewdog. And we can't forget about our friends at Beerfarm.. Great grub there too!

Favourite style of beer?

Jacob loves a classic European Hefe, as well as hop driven IPA's. Scott is all about those session-style frothy's & on the flip, Lex loves a beer with a big malty backbone. He's also a sucker for a milky stout.

What makes a great beer review?

We always try to recommend a time & place for a beer (usually beside the pool in Summer if Scott is reviewing). We all love to cook, so it's also nice seeing food pairing ideas from fellow reviewers. Most importantly... No wank!

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects in the works with Locally Sauced?

A big YES.. We are putting on our very first event in the middle of Jan! The 'Locally Sauced Launch Party' will bring together a stellar line-up of local booze, tunes & grub... all inside 'The Naval Store' - an iconic Freo setting. We also have some really exciting collaborations happening with local breweries.

If you could only drink three beers for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Jacob - Weihenstephaner Hefe, Feral Hop Hog & Nail Red Ale (Favourite hefe, followed by my favourite IPA when I'm full from all that wheat, and one of my fave red ale's for something with a little more ABV bite).

Scott - Rocky Ridge Imperial Custard Tart Stout, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale & Beerfarm Royal Haze.

Lex - Nail VPA, Black Brewing Bad Boy Stout & Beerfarm Royal Haze.

What can people expect to see from Locally Sauced in the coming months, and why should they give you a follow on Instagram?

You can expect to see us mixing things up with a few Summer cocktail recipe videos. We are aiming to hold a few events throughout 2021 and the best way to ensure you don't miss the boat on a ticket to one is by throwing us a follow. Stay Saucy folks!

Follow Locally Sauced on their local drinking endeavours via Instagram or Facebook and grab your tickets HERE to sink a few beers with them in the flesh on January 16th at the official Locally Sauced Launch Party. 

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