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Over The Fence with Humanitix - Beerfarm

Over The Fence with Humanitix

Have you ever bought tickets to a gig and found yourself wondering why there was an additional $3.75 in booking fees at the check-out...and what the heck these sneaky 'booking fees' were actually for?

Introducing Humanitix, the worlds first non-profit event ticketing platform that actually donates 100% of their booking fees to charity, having already donated a massive $1 million worth of booking fees to disadvantaged children around the world. Pretty incredible stuff, huh?

We recently sat down with their Head of Brand & Marketing, Nick Parmar who chats about Humanitix's business model, their social impact mission and where the billions of dollars in booking fees from ticketing platforms each year actually end up...

How was Humanitix first born? Tell us a bit about the brand's backstory/ your own personal backstory and what lead you to a role in Branding and Marketing for Humanitix.

Our founders Adam and Josh were high school friends. They made a pact to leave the corporate world and do something more meaningful. Like a lot of social entrepreneurs, they looked for industries that could be disrupted – for good. Event ticketing has always been frustrating for hosts and ticket buyers, and everyone hates booking fees.

So they started Humanitix to change that, and now we’re the fastest-growing ticketing platform in Australia and NZ and we’ve turned over $1 million dollars of booking fees into social impact projects for disadvantaged kids.

I’m from New York and have spent most of my career working on global hotel brands. It was exciting and I loved it, but also always wanted to do something more purposeful. I ended up in Australia just before COVID and decided to stay. When I saw what Humanitix was doing, I reached out and have been here ever since. The whole team cares so much about what we do. It’s amazing to be a part of it!

Can you tell us a bit about how the platform works, and why it's different to other ticketing platforms that are out there, such as Moshtix, Oztix and Eventbrite?

I won’t bore you by talking about features, but what event hosts love about us is that Humanitix is super easy to use and allows you to do things you can’t do on those other platforms. For example, when you guys have an event at the Farm, you can use Humanitix to sell tickets, but you can also add anything else you want like Beerfarm hoodies or beanies or anything else you want to sell. Those types of things help you make more money, but they also give your guests a better brand experience.

How would you sum up Humantix's business model in 25 words?

We sell tickets to live events, cover our costs, and give 100% of the remaining profits from booking fees to evidence-backed charities for disadvantaged kids. That was 25 words exactly! Oh sh*t now it’s more.

What generally happens to billions of dollars per year of booking fees on ticketing platforms?

Booking fees around the world add up to an insane amount of money – USD $3.7 billion annually. Ticketing companies are generally for-profit businesses, so every time you pay an annoying booking fee it goes straight to their shareholders.

You guys don't use the traditional "giving" method. Can you elaborate on what this is and why you go about things a little differently?

Charities and non-profits typically generate revenue through donations and fundraising. Humanitix is a registered charity, but we operate like a for-profit tech company. We don’t ask for donations. We provide a great product and service, sell tickets and generate revenue and profit, then give 100% of that profit away. We call it compassionate capitalism.

How do you use your resources to do the most good in the world?

The idea behind Humanitix is inspired by the effective altruism movement, which starts with the question: “How can we use our resources to help others the most?” We all want to make a difference, but sometimes the things we’re best at are growth marketing, or writing really amazing code, or creating incredible events. Humanitix lets our team apply everyone’s unique skills to building an incredible events platform, while also doing the most good with the expertise we have.

Tell us about some of the projects Humanitix is currently working on...

In Australia we’re really focused on helping indigenous communities with scholarships and giving disadvantaged indigenous kids in remote areas access to a quality education. We also fund girls’ literacy programs as well as education for disadvantaged students in Māori and Pasifika communities in New Zealand.  

We're also launching Humanitix in the US! I’m a New Yorker and I know it’s been a turbulent few years over there, and people are looking for opportunities to do good and make the world better. It’s exciting and daunting, but live events are back and the timing is perfect – I think they’re going to love us.

Why should people switch their ticketing platform across to Humanitix?

To start, most event hosts save around 20-30% on fees with Humanitix. But the platform itself is also just better than anything else out there. We’ve been fortunate to have support from Google and Atlassian who funded us and supported our product development. It’s the easiest to use, with all kinds of thoughtful features that set us apart. Plus we offer support from amazing humans who love their job and are experts in running events, and that’s hard to find in the ticketing business. And on top of that, every event on Humanitix makes a difference in kids’ lives.

What can Humanitix offer that no other platform can?

Booking fees you can brag about! Oh and we also have amazing accessibility features no one else has, so you can make sure guests with disabilities have all the info they need and feel comfortable and welcome at your event. Another reason we’re the *humane choice for tickets.*

And last but not least - what event are you itching to go to once COVID restrictions ease?

Hamilton. I lived in NYC when it came out, and it was SUCH a big thing, but I rarely went to Broadway shows and totally missed it. Now it’s in Sydney and we have a few ticket packages on Humanitix. Can’t wait!

If you're a business or individual or you're thinking about changing up your ticketing platform, you can learn more about the good deeds Humanitix is doing by heading HERE or follow them on their journey via Instagram

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