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Not Your Usual Cuppa with Old Bridge Cellars & Stomp Coffee - Beerfarm

Not Your Usual Cuppa with Old Bridge Cellars & Stomp Coffee

It's officially stout season! And we love any excuse for dark beers and sweet treats, so we put our heads together with Old Bridge Cellars and Stomp Coffee to brew a Brekky Scroll Pastry Stout, inspired by french pastries, cinnamon scrolls and of course, a hot cuppa joe.

We sat down with both iconic Perth businesses to find out what they're all about, and how they combined coffees with frothies to create a beer that tops any weekend breakfast spread. 

Give us a bit of a back story around how Old Bridge Cellars and Stomp Coffee were first born.

OBC: Old Bridge Cellars North Fremantle was originally a bottle shop back in the 80’s and was taken over by the Beeson family 10 years ago. The store has a huge focus on supporting local producers and makes a concerted effort to seek out the weird, wacky and wonderful.

Selling not only liquor, but cheese, chocolates, plants, homewares and everything in between. After 10 years at North Fremantle, the team embarked on a new journey, opening up a second location over Canning Bridge in Como. The ethos are the same over at the Como store, get to know the locals and provide them with what they love.

Stomp: Stomp Coffee formerly Stomping Ground in 2014 started as a mobile trailer, to elevate the specialty mobile coffee options in Perth. 

In 2017, we opened bricks and mortar in the back of a heritage building in North Perth. With yearly renovations and growth it’s now a fully fitted out cafe, garden and event space. Our mission to educate and provide people with low brow specialty coffee has seen an awesome response within our local community.

We’ve been roasting our own for 3 years, and have seen our quality grow week to week on our constant and consistent quality assurance for that perfect cup.


How did the idea for a beer collaboration come about? From the idea to collaborate, right down to the overall beer style/ concept?

OBC: Old Bridge Cellars collaborated with Beerfarm back in 2020, launching a cinnamon scroll inspired beer, Flake it till you bake it. This beer was a hit with our customers, so we were keen to align again and create something even more exciting….and coffee was the obvious choice.

Stomp: We’ve been mates with the lads since they started the farm and have been supplying the fine Beerfarm folk with their morning brew for many years. Beers are just as a necessity as coffee so why not join the two!

We make our cold brew slightly differently to industry norms, and proceeded to give Charlotte and Andy a tasting flight. We love to showcase brilliant producers from across the world and like the explosion of different beers and styles, the coffee can taste completely different depending on the region, terrior, processing and roasting method. So we threw in our two cents.

For those of us who lack a sweet tooth, what is a brekky scroll and how did it get its reputation as a breakfast dessert?

OBC: We know the people of Perth love a bakery item at any time of the day. And while beer isn’t usually a breakfast option, combine it with coffee and sweet tasting notes we think it’s going to be the perfect brekky beer…no judgement from us!

Stomp: Probably coming from our adopted french culture of an espresso and croissant. Something about the buttery nature of a croissant acting like a melting moment when combined with your morning brew. 

But like a typical Aussie approach, we’ve taken something amazing and put our little spin on it, and that Perth cinny scroll is now in its own category next to the french! 

Can you tell us a bit about the coffee beans used in this brew and what kind of flavours they have imparted on the beer?

Stomp: We went with a blend of Hondura San Marco (washed), Brazil Mantiqiueira (Pulp Natural), and Ethiopia Sidamo (Natural). These coffee’s offer a combination of cocoa, orange zest, nougat, forest fruits and honeycomb. 

Together they’re very unique, but combined they provide a very smooth body, added complexity, and will be able to gel with the dark roast malts, vanilla and cinnamon aspects of the stout. 

What are your thoughts around replacing your morning coffee with one of these tins?

OBC: The Brekky Scroll Pastry Stout will be the perfect addition to your breakfast spread, with more than a shot of coffee in every can, it’ll definitely give you the pick-me-up you need in the morning.

Stomp: Absolute treat for the mucho relaxo weekender! If you need to to drive probably not for the Monday to Friday, but as a toast to the start of a great weekend, couldn’t ask for anything better (except paired with bacon and eggs)!

What other brewery (national or international) does an Imperial Stout well or pastry inspired beer well? 

Stomp: I was a fan of the Alesmith Speedway Stout in California, but it was hard to find brewers who weren’t adding too much to the beer. Because the extraction of the coffee was mainly done cold, their won’t be any bitterness that needs balancing, so it should only complement the beer!

What can people expect on June 10th at the official beer launch for Brekky Scroll Pastry Stout?

OBC: On Friday 10th June we will be hosting in-store tastings at both Old Bridge Cellars North Freo and Old Bridge Cellars Como from 4pm – 7pm. Those who placed a pre-sale order can come pick up their brews as well as a 250g bag of Stomp’s coffee beans, while regular punters can come along and try-before-they-buy.

We’ll have the crew from Beerfarm on the tools ready to answer any questions people may have about the beer and how it was made.

We'll catch you guys at Old Bridge Cellars North Freo and Como this Friday, June 10th from 4pm. Cheers!

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