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Bittersweet banter on all things Botanical Citrus Gose - Beerfarm

Bittersweet banter on all things Botanical Citrus Gose

We recently got busy in our brewhouse with our main squeezes from Mane Liquor and Archie Rose, to create a crushable citrus sour just in time for summer. With Mane Liquor known for providing one of Australia’s best bottle shop experiences and Archie Rose distilling award-winning gin, the zest was history...

Packed with Aussie lemons and limes and citrus-loving botanicals like lemon myrtle and toasted coriander seeds, our Botanical Citrus Gose takes inspo from a classic Tom Collins or gin fizz and was d
esigned to complement the botanicals in Mane Tropical Gin.

We squeezed some info out of Josh from Mane Liquor and Charlotte from our own brewhouse on this bittersweet new brew and how it was born into the world.

What inspired the collab between Mane and Beerfarm for the Botanical Citrus Gose? You've obviously been buddies for a while now!

Josh: Beerfarm is one of our favourite beer producers, while Archie Rose is one of our favourite Gin producers so it just made sense, really!

Mane Liquor has been in the Liquor game for 16 solid years - Josh, tell us a bit about what you guys do and what sets you apart from other bottle shops for those who don't know Mane Liquor.

Josh: It honestly just started out as something we loved and progressed into the machine that it is today. We search high and low for the best of the best because it's a massive passion of ours, and we want Perth people to have access to the stuff that gets our tongues wagging.

First off the bat, how did you determine the beer style for this release?

Charlotte: We wanted something light and refreshing and spritzy and riffed on a Tom Collins a little. We thought a sour would be best to complement the gin with those bright and fruity characters. 

What makes this beer so special and how is this beer different from other Gose styles on the market?

Josh: The botanicals that have been thrown into this give it a massive point of difference. It's sort of in-between all the sours that are hitting the market at the moment. You've either got unfruited Gose which are crushers but don't make you think much, or you've got hectic fruited sours where the beer becomes super juicy or sweet from the fruit.

Tell us a bit about the flavours in Botanical Citrus Gose. Why do the citrus and botanicals complement each other so damn well?

Charlotte: We have a lot of citrussy elements here - dried lemon as well as fresh juice give the juice both a bright character as well as a more spicy lemon feel and the lemon myrtle really shines through. Traditional gose beers use coriander seeds and we thought that was a great element to bring in and as a traditional gin botanical too it really tied them together. We toasted all the coriander and gave it a good bash, it's amazing how toasting it really makes that citrusy coriander come through!

Josh: This doesn't hit those crazy fruit-juice type beer notes, while it's still something more than the occasional Gose. The botanicals give it that lemon pithy zing with a tropical finish. Honestly could be one for the ages with how well this will go during Summer.

You recently created Mane Tropical Gin with Archie Rose, can you tell us a bit about this collaboration and the flavours of the gin itself?

Josh: Archie Rose produce some of the best spirits in Australia we've had to date. Their Gins are especially top notch. We wanted something with a tropical punch to it to set it apart from gins they'd already put out. Something that would suit the impending Perth Summer. Quietly, we think we hit the nail on the head.

Charlotte: After chatting with Archie Rose and Mane about their concept for Mane Tropical Gin and the flavours and aromas they were going for, we then started thinking about how you could make a cocktail combining both the beer and gin. The gin really inspired this beer. 

How did the collaboration come about? 

Charlotte: It was definitely fun approaching the beer from the perspective of a cocktail but of course, we wanted to make something super delicious and drinkable on its own too.

For the Mane Liquor car park party, Archie Rose were slinging cocktails with our Botanical Gose and the Mane Tropical Gin blend they created. And they were bloody delicious!

How will you be enjoying the Botanical Citrus Gose?

Charlotte: Oh I will be enjoying this little dream boat constantly. Definitely one for sunshine and good times, and pairs excellently with sunset at the beach. 

Josh: A nice, hot Summer's day at the beach outta do the trick! 

Botanical Citrus Gose is now available at all good bottle shops around WA & NSW, at the farm and of course, our online store - with Australia wide delivery, so get around it folks!

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