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Asam Boi Gose - Beerfarm

Asam Boi Gose

It’s been just over a year since we made our first exploratory trip to the not too distant land of Singapore. Prompted by rumours of a fast growing craft beer scene, Josh and Ben ‘hopped’ on a plane to see what all the fuss was about. On their asian adventure they discovered some awesome beers, tremendous venues and great people. If curiosity brought us to Singapore, it’s definitely these individuals and their love of beer that has kept us coming back.

Amongst the venues we visited there was one that really stole our hearts, Smith Street Taps. This tiny ‘hole in the wall’ tap room, located in the heart of chinatown, offers a beer selection that could rival most venues in Australia, and has staff with the knowledge and passion to match. After multiple beer fuelled bonding sessions (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) conversation turned to collaboration and brewing a beer together.

With ideas like ‘thai mango salad’ being thrown around we knew we were onto something special and when salted plums were mentioned (a favourite snack of josh’s from his childhood growing up in Broome) the stars aligned and the Asam Boi Gose, salted plum sour, was born.

Now it’s one thing to toss around some ideas, chuck a logo on a tap decal and call it a collaboration but everyone wanted to give this one the hands on love it deserves. We were honoured to welcome Daniel, Jialiang, Joel, Raymond and Kim from the Smith Street Taps team to The Beerfarm and earlier this year we all got to work brewing our latest creation. We initially brewed just a single batch of the Asam Boi, around 30 kegs, most being sent to Singapore with a few held back to be put on tap at The Beerfarm and other select venues.

When positive feedback and reports of kegs going dry in record time started trickling back to us we started to wish we’d kept a couple more. Then, Asam Boi was the first keg to run out at 2 events and was voted ‘best beer’ at El Grotto’s craft up. That first batch started to seem rather small. When we realised we’d finished the last keg and couldn’t get our salted plum fix anymore we started to panic. Many a beerfarmer have told tales of sleepless nights wondering whether the Asam Boi will ever return. The best way we can describe it is ‘Hauntingly Delicious’.

So here it is, back by popular demand, The Asam Boi Gose, Sweet, Sour, Salty. Born from a love of beer by lovers of beer. Two continents colliding into a can, A German classic, with an asian twist. Utilising a traditional sour mash process and infused with real fruit gives this brew slight variation between batches…same same, but different…

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