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A Drive-Thru experience for your favourite beer and here! - Beerfarm

A Drive-Thru experience for your favourite beer and here!

With social distancing and self-isolation as the new norm, we decided to temporarily close our venue while this storm blows over. But as we don't really like sitting on our hands and have a team that are as creative as they are proficient, it didn't take long for an idea to become a concept to become a reality. And so on Friday 27th of March we launched the first ever Burnt Ends at Beerfarm Beer & BBQ Drive-Thru.

Punters in the South West can now get their fix of beer and gourmet BBQ goodness to enjoy at home, from Burnt Ends and Beerfarm’s very own Drive-Thru service.
The Drive-Thru will be stationed directly out the front of the Beerfarm Metricup venue, with customers invited to pull up in their vehicle of choice (whether that’s a car, tractor or horse), before scanning the menu board and placing their beer and BBQ order at the window of the food van. With a weekly rotating menu on the cards and vegetarian options available, customers who are able to leave the house should be prepared to be spoilt for choice. 

Burnt Ends at Beerfarm

A huge shout-out to Supper Road and Rhys Passmore for lending us his food truck in these crazy times. Even when they have been so affected by the new COVID-19 measures, they still offered to give us a helping hand without hesitation,” said co-owner of Burnt Ends Smoking Co, Nathan Booth.

We would be at a loss without the help of our local community and this is what makes our industry so special. We are lucky to be in such a beautiful part of the world.”

Beerfarm Drive Thru Food

We will be adhering to the Australian government's social distancing guidelines with contactless payments, as well as carrying out strict personal hygiene standards and extra sanitisation processes throughout the Drive-Thru experience to ensure the health and safety of the public. 

We are grateful to be in a position to support the local community and their suppliers during this uncertain time and are looking forward to spinning a yarn with some familiar faces...even if it’s from a distance!

Beerfarm Food

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