Old Fashioned Brown Ale

A brewers rendition of the Whiskey Old Fashioned cocktail - our OG Brown Ale, one of our first releases at the farm, has been laying to rest and maturing in whiskey barrels for the last 12 months. Awoken from its slumber, we blended it back with a fresh batch of Brown Ale, then just like its name sake, added a touch of orange zest, handpicked and peeled from our resident Seville tree that you can see as you enter our brewery. With a rich, sweet body mingling with smoky vanilla and caramel characters from the barrel-ageing process, this is a beverage for whiskey and beer lovers alike. 


A Brewers Roots Project

Beerfarm - Brewers Roots


ABV: 6%
Malt – Pale malt, Carapils, dark crystal, brown malt, Victory malt, rolled oats
Hops – Magnum, US cascade
Adjuncts - Orange zest

Hop bitterness – Moderate (21 IBU)
Hop aroma – No dry hop, barrels added post ferment
Colour – Deep Brown (80EBC)
Drinkability – Moderate 

Beerfarm Old Fashioned Brown Ale Flavour Profile