Beerfarm Eastern & Western Tsar Two Pack

The crew at Page Bottler put us in touch with the fine folk at Corowa Distillery in ACT to help us bring to life the East Coast version of the Beerfarm Tsar - our barrel-aged Russian imperial stout. This version is aged in smaller Corowa 100L whisky barrels allowing additional contact time with the oak which further enhances the vanilla and coconut aromas. Rounding out the malty backbone with a kick from the whisky,  this big, winter stout is guaranteed to keep you toasty on even the coldest Siberian night.

Teaming up with Grain Cru and Whipper Snapper Distillery right here in WA, the Beerfarm Tsar was born. A barrel-aged Russian imperial stout that is big, dark, and full of character.  Aged in Whipper Snapper’s finest Cask Strength Barrels and one Quinoa Barrel, smooth oak and whiskey characters perfectly compliment the dark fruit and dark chocolate aromas of the stout itself. Finishing with a flirty warmth from the whiskey, think of Beerfarm Tsar as a handcrafted Russian blanket to keep you toasty on those cold winter nights.

This product is currently only available in VICTORIA and NEW SOUTH WALES.

Za Zadrovje

ABV: 9.6%

Pale Malt, Rolled Oats, Medium Crystal, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Carafa III
Hops: Sabro
Adjuncts: 220L Cask Strength Whiskey Oak and Quinoa Barrels from Corowa Distillery

Hop Bitterness: Moderate (25 IBU)
Hop Aroma: Low (1g/L)
Colour: Stout (79 EBC)
Drinkability: Moderate

Beerfarm Tsar Barrel Aged Stout Flavour Profile