Red Lotus

The Saison, French for season, was one of the early beers you could find at Beerfarm. It’s hard to think of a style that better exemplifies what Beerfarm is about - fun, easy drinking, and a little different - designed to refresh after a hard day of farm work in the summer. It’s literally also known as a farmhouse ale!

Red Lotus is a new take on one of the great classic styles, that combines the funky and fruity esters of your typical saison with a malty backbone that all the brewers here at Beerfarm have a jonesing for. The cherry on top of this tasty Belgian sundae is the wicked Lotus hop -  deep candied citrus and bubblegum add extra layers of character to the fruity biscuit base of this bad boy. This’ll go down perfectly looking at a deep red south western sunset.


A Brewers Roots Project

Beerfarm - Brewers Roots


ABV: 5.5%
Malt – Premium Pils, Red X, Vienna, Rolled Wheat
Hops – Hersbrucker, EXP-09326, LOTUS

Hop bitterness – Moderate (28 IBU)
Hop aroma – Low (2.5g/L)
Colour – Deep Oranger/Red (25EBC)
Drinkability – High 

Beerfarm Red Lotus Flavour profile