Flake It Till You Bake It

We whipped up this beer with our Perth pals Old Bridge Cellars and North Street Store, from fresh Manjimup apple juice combined with vanilla, cinnamon, all-spice and brown sugar. Somewhere between an apple turnover and a cinnamon scroll, this creamy treat has a crumbly, biscuity character with coconut and vanilla hop aromas that make it good enough to eat!


ABV: 6.0%
Malts: Pale Malt, Caramel Pilsner, Victory Malt, Rolled Oats
Hops: Magnum, Sabro
Adjuncts: Apples, All Spice, Cinamon, Lactose, Brown Sugar, Vanilla
Allergy Warning: Contains lactose.

Hop Bitterness: Moderate (20 IBU)
Hop Aroma: Low (2g/L)
Colour: Pale Amber (15 EBC)
Drinkability: High

Beerfarm Flake it till you Bake it flavour profile

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