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Sipping Through the Season: Beerfarms Brews for Festive Feasts - Beerfarm

Sipping Through the Season: Beerfarms Brews for Festive Feasts

The holiday season is all about spending time with family and of course, drinking and eating a lot of delicious things! We’ve paired some of our range with popular Christmas dishes that are amongst most tables over the chrissy period. Enjoy the pairings throughout the day or organise yourself a Christmas Degustation, whichever way you choose, we know you are going to love these combinations.

First up is for those delightfully messy, cold cooked prawns that are a lot of hard work to peel, but worth it! If cooked prawns on the BBQ are your preferred style, our Lager will pair beautifully whichever way you take them (or both!).

The light, crispiness of the Beerfarm Lager compliments the delicate flavours of seafood without completely overpowering them. The clean, refreshing profile with its subtle malt sweetness and balanced bitterness is perfect for bringing out the sweetness of shellfish while its crispness can also help cleanse the palate between bites, making sure each bite is as good as the first one.

Next is our favourite way to eat potatoes on chrissy - the potato salad! Filled with creamy herbed mayo, egg, bacon and onion, you’ll want a beer that can compliment the smoky, savoury and creamy flavours of the dish. Beerfarms Pale Ale is a great match, the hoppy notes and mild bitterness cut through the richness of the bacon and egg while balancing the creaminess of the dressing. Our Pale Ale’s citrus and floral aromas add a refreshing contrast, making this pairing a journey for all the senses.

Australia's favourite Christmas addition that rarely falls short on most festive tables is the Christmas Ham! We have 2 beers and 2 different ways of enjoying this holiday favourite.

First is cold sliced ham straight off the hock, a great addition to any Christmas spread. Our India Pale Ale (IPA) is a surprisingly good match with its hoppy profile featuring citrus, pine and floral notes that contrasts the richness of the hams glaze. The hops cut through the fattiness while the brews citrus and fruity undertones compliment the glazes sweetness. 

If warm honey baked hams are at the centrepiece of your Christmas table then we recommend our Royal Haze or Hazy Standard (for the designated drivers). The tropical hop notes pair perfectly with honey and the sweetness of your baking glaze. Baked hams can be delightfully rich, but the juicy flavours of the Haze will contrast this and create a more balanced flavour, so you can eat even more! 

Speaking of Christmas centrepieces, next up is a roast turkey or chicken with sweet fruit stuffing. We couldn’t leave out our Cider for those who don’t take a liking to beer, so Beerfarms Cider’s fruity and slightly tart notes will marry well with the sweet and savoury elements of a fruit stuffing. The crispness and fizz of a cider is sure to cleanse your palate, cutting through the richness of the roast and refreshing you before your next bite. 

Finally, we cannot forget our iconic desserts! An Australian Pav topped with fresh cream and fruit or a cherry cheesecake would go perfectly with our Hybrid Ale “Through the Grapevine”. One of our 2023 limited releases by Beerfarm, LS Merchants and a few other local friends to combine the South West's love for beer and wine.

We are sure that this unique (but delicious) combination will add interesting flavours to your festive sweets. The grape-derived elements will offer a contrast to the sweetness of the deserts, complimenting fruity or tangy notes with its sour and juicy colour while cutting through the richness of the cheese and cream. A perfect way to end your feast and put you in your annual food coma!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas feasts and have a drink for us. Relax, be safe and see you next year!


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