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Let's Hear it For Women This International Women's Day - Beerfarm

Let's Hear it For Women This International Women's Day

From neighbours to mothers, politicians, musicians, activists and absolutely everything in between, International Women’s Day recognises the many achievements made by women from every corner of the globe.

Trying to cram the amazing accomplishments of women into a single day would be an impossible task. We also wouldn’t be doing women any justice without acknowledging that they kick ass every day of the week!

We asked the women behind our own business what International Women's Day meant to them and found that as well as being great day for celebrating women, International Women's Day is also a day to acknowledge that there’s still work to be done for women in the world, and the beer industry as a whole.

Although we're proud of our achievements, there's nothing stronger than women supporting women and looking to them for inspiration. From creators of change to straight-up badasses, read on as some of the women of Beerfarm celebrate one woman who has inspired them throughout their own personal journeys, sharing stories about their achievements and struggles.

Emma Locke - General Manager
Inspiration: Jameela Jamil @jameelajamil

Jameela Jamil is an actress, model and activist. In 2018, she created the I Weigh movement to encourage women to ‘look past the flesh on our bones’ and embrace our value through radical inclusivity. It challenges the media, stereotypes and societal norms around body image and encourages women to amplify their voices, advocate for others and share things that they feel proud of in a safe space.

I think that social media at its core is designed to highlight our flaws and bring out the worst in all of us. Through all of the noise, she is creating a beacon of body positivity for young women and is one of very few people that I have seen trying to use these platforms for good. She practises what she preaches in the most honest and vulnerable way, and she has challenged the way that I see myself and my value.

Charlotte Freeston - Head of Innovation & Quality
Inspiration: Kathleen Hanna @mskathleenhanna

Kathleen Hanna is a musician, artist and activist who pioneered the Riot Grrrl movement. Through Bikini Kill and her zines, 'grrrls to the front' became a revolutionary call to women to feel empowered to create their own representation in male dominated environments, and call out toxic behaviour and inequality. Her attitude towards creating safe spaces for women at gigs and calling for 'revolution girl style now!" lead a generation of women into being the strong and empowered people they are today. 

Jacinta Rets - Content Creator
Inspiration: Elfy Scott @elfyscott

Elfy Scott is a presenter, journalist, producer and author, who covers all things the environment, climate change, politics and mental health. Elfy’s book ’The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About’, unravels the stigma around complex mental health conditions, inspired by her mum’s own struggles with schizophrenia.

With schizophrenia often considered a ‘taboo’ topic by society, Elfy’s bravery to speak so openly about her family's personal trauma is admirable and encourages us to have more open conversations around mental health.

Her book aims to support people impacted by complex mental health conditions who have been ostracised by society, calling for change from the government, our healthcare system and from our own predisposed views around mental health.

Georgie Strain - Marketing Manager
Inspiration: Dolly Parton @dollyparton

Dolly Parton needs no introduction. Country singer-songwriter, actress, philanthropist, and businesswoman, Dolly founded a number of charitable and philanthropic organisations, one of which is the Dollywood Foundation, which manages a number of projects to bring education and poverty relief to East Tennessee where she grew up.

Dolly is inspiring not only for her music or philanthropy, but for being unapologetically herself with authenticity that lead her to becoming hugely successful. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain!”'

Alice Lynch - Perth Territory Manager
Inspiration: Dr Carmel Smart

Dr Carmel Smart is a specialist paediatric dietitian internationally renowned for her research into the impact of food and exercise on those with type 1 diabetes. She has broken through sexist barriers in a male dominated research field and earning her PHD in paediatric diabetes was all achieved whilst building the family she’s always wanted. Carmel has never let gender stereotypes get in her way, nor has she tried to hide her femininity in an attempt to fit into the "boys clubs".

She never compromised her desire for a family or her desire for a career and found people who would support her endeavour. Truly her own woman, and an inspiration to the upcoming generations of scientists to know their worth and themselves, and build a family life without fear.

Anja Mcelhinney - Venue Comms
Inspiration: Clementine Ford @clementine_ford

Australian feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker, I admire that Clementine is so passionate, knowledgeable, concise and level headed with the delivery of her work. It’s powerful, relevant and emotive (see also- controversial- which we love!)

Without diving too deeply into smashing the Patriarchy in this-she is one of many women who have enriched my knowledge and understanding of feminism and helped to change the course of my life at some stage, as she was one of the first people I came across in my feminism infancy. Thanks Clem!

Eileen Booth - Executive Chef
Inspiration: Turia Pitt @turiapitt

Turia Pitt was a marathon runner who at the prime of her life, suffered burns to 65% of her body during a grassfire. She not only survived, but she rebuilt her life despite all the odds against her - physically and mentally. She become a mentor, had children and wrote three of her most inspirational books, showing the world that you can do anything that you put your mind to regardless of what is in front of you.

She went on to compete in Ironman world championships, walk the Kokoda Trail and all in all, is a bloody incredible human. And has definitely helped me in overcoming self-doubt and realising that life is about living for yourself, and the people you love around you.

We're thankful to be a part of such an active and outspoken community of women and to be able to share their stories. These women have become leaders, educators and activists despite their adverse challenges, empowering generations of women to come. That's something to be celebrated today, as well as every other day!

This piece was written by a woman, with our International Women's Day graphics designed our very own bartender and freelance designer who is also a fellow woman, @giorgiacallandar

Let's hear it for women!

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