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Comedy for Curing Care - Beerfarm

Comedy for Curing Care

Comedy for Curing Care

On Saturday, 27th of October, Beerfarm hosted it’s first ever comedy night on the Farm, ‘Laughs and Draughts’, and it was no doubt an awesome laughing matter! Our intent was to fill the venue with hilarity, and create a welcoming atmosphere for performer and audience alike, while celebrating the endearing spirit and courage of those who laugh in the face of adversity. Why Comedy for Curing Care?

We have an ‘Established For The Future’ mantra here at The Beerfarm, which we continually endeavour to abide by and forwardly progress. It extends throughout all our operations: includes our production facility and its procedures, venue protocols, and even event schedules. We continuously show support for various not-for-profit, and non-government affiliated agencies, whom tirelessly bring services to our region, and provide support for those in need. Our comedy for curing care, in association with the Leukaemia Foundation, is an extension of our business trying to give back and build resilience in a community which we love to be apart.

The Leukaemia Foundation do so much amazing work, but what really stands out to us is their extended services to rural families, groups, and individuals who are dealing with a blood disease and an associated treatment that requires them to be away from home for extended periods of time. The foundation works to ensure that the whole family, or loved ones, can be present and supported by funding and facilitating a home away from home environment, where patients can have as much support and comfort as possible while far away from home. Living in a rural community we know first hand that services can be spread thin, and access at time difficult – so its great to offer some funding specifically for this, and then generally for their vigorous work, ongoing missions, and research that the foundation is committed to.

Jimmy Kuratz Jr doing what he does best.

Master of Ceremonies Jason Wood explaining the finer points of hilarity.

The venue was set exceptionally for a sit-down and be captivated experience. Crowds began flocking in before doors had even opened, and the laid-back nature of the farm abided with the kitchen serving delicious meals, and the bar happy to offer only the finest brews. Without a seat left in the building, the lights began to dim around 8 pm, and we were introduced to the backbone of the whole evening, our MC Jason Wood. Jason candidly gave us some ground rules for the night and then popped the first stitches of laughter as the venue swelled and all eyes were centre stage.

I’ll give you a little insight here, that is relevant to the facilitation of any event really. Many hours go into creating exceptional evenings, but it typically reaches a specific point on any given night, when all the hard work is done, and it’s up to the performer or entertainer to really take it home. Success hinges on experience, and if people pay for a show they expect to be entertained, and rightly so I think! For this night, when a hush fell over the farm and everyone was transfixed, captivated and engaged with the performer, I knew we had delivered – We had all come for some laughs and that was exactly what we were going to get!

Hats off to Jimmy Kuratz for curating such a diverse and interesting bunch of comedians, it was such a pleasure working with him to bring Jason, Cam Lowe, Jacob Matan and Pascal the 8th down. Each act was uniquely charismatic and the evening built into a beautiful crescendo that was at times familiar, controversial, smack in the face obvious, downright bazaar and even provocative. But it’s all these things that add to the diversity and caliber of a successful comedy lineup, and its a recipe that has left us wanting more…It’s refreshing to put on a show that is a little different.  To sit down and really be entertained: leave the working week, dishes, chores and bores behind – hang in the middle of Metricup and forget the rest of the world is even there. This is what we are about, and hope to continuously provide at Beerfarm events.

 Pascal the 8th: Stranger than fiction and non-stop laughter!

They say laughter is some of the best medicine right? So, our Comedy for Curing Care hoped to dish out a healthy dose, and also take some stigma away from blood diseases and provide a financially tangible end result for real people and agencies. If you can, take the time to look at the Leukaemia Foundations Facebook page, where you will see loads of the foundation’s clients and supporters with amazing smiles and positive outlooks. Some may be dealing with very serious, and at time life-threatening blood diseases, but the resilience and strength they portray speaks volumes of the Foundations support and the individual’s courage to face adversity with a smile, and I think that’s something to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Thanks for coming Ya’ll. See you at the next one!

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